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Our Journey

The Journey of Green Goddess Packaging 

From humble beginnings working for a local tape distributor to a champion of sustainable packaging, the tale of Green Goddess Packaging is intertwined with the journey of its founder,  Suzanne Jackson. Here’s how it all unfolded. 

In 1992, Suzanne entered the packaging realm, joining a tape distributor in Nashville, TN.  Despite being the youngest salesperson in the company, her tenacity and dedication propelled her  to consistently exceed her sales targets. Her zeal for her work, however, was matched by her joy at becoming a mother. In 1997, she welcomed her first child, and only a year later, she was  blessed with her second child. 

But life’s joy was marred by an unsupportive work environment. Her employer, seemingly blind to the challenges of securing childcare for an infant and a toddler, gave Suzanne an ultimatum:  Return to work by November 2nd, 1998, only 5 short weeks after the birth of her second daughter, or be dismissed. With no feasible childcare options for a 5week old, her heart was torn between her beloved job and her family, Suzanne chose the latter. Her decision was met with a cold, formal letter of termination. 

Stranded by circumstances and constrained by a non-compete agreement, Suzanne was at a crossroads. But where some might have seen a dead end, she saw an opportunity. With a mix of  grit and optimism, she began brainstorming about forging her own path. Thoughts like “I’m  already at rock bottom, what’s the worst that can happen?” fueled her determination. 

In September 1999, with a pocketful of dreams and a heart filled with hope, Suzanne founded  Tape and Packaging Supply. While the initial years tested her resolve, by 2000, it was evident  she had hit her stride. Over the years, she found there were many obstacles and challenges being  a woman-owned company, but her focus and determination kept the company moving forward.

Two decades later, during the reflective solitude of the Covid-19 quarantine, Suzanne felt the call  for change. She realized the need for sustainability in the packaging industry and envisioned a  new direction for her company. Green Goddess Packaging was launched in 2020 and has  received certifications from WBENC, WOSB, and DBE. They have become a beacon for  Sustainability, Diversity and Philanthropy contributing a portion of each sell to the National  Forest Foundation to aid in reforestation projects in our National Parks. 

So, as you engage with our products, know that you’re not just supporting a brand, you’re  supporting a testament to resilience, vision, and the power of a mother’s love.