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Green Goddess Extruded Foam Profiles

Eco-Conscious Production: We prioritize the use of recycled materials! Throughout the entire production process, we focus on reclaiming and reintegrating 100% of our own production scrap along with water bottles, milk jugs and detergent bottles.

100% Recyclable: We love our planet! Our products are tailored to your specific needs without compromising the environment. Once you have finished using our foam simply place in your curbside recycling so it can be turned it into something new!

Reusable: Our foam is reusable! Green Goddess foam offers superior performance under significant pressure which makes it perfect for multiple uses. Its excellent strength and tear resistance make it a great choice for applications that demand both support and durability.

Made in the USA: All Green Goddess products are manufactured in the USA.

Cost-effective: Although our products are custom designed to your specifications, our foam remains a budget-friendly option without compromising quality.

High Chemical and Moisture Resistance: Our foam doesn’t break down when exposed to most chemicals and repels water effectively. Used in packaging for electronics, which can be damaged by moisture. Suitable for outdoor applications where resistance to chemicals and moisture is essential.

Good Tear Resistance, Shock Absorption and Strength to Weight Ratio: Despite being lightweight, our foam absorbs impacts and resist tearing. Protective packaging, sports equipment padding, and helmet liners.

Non-Abrasive and Non-Dusting: Our foam is smooth and won’t scratch surfaces; it also doesn’t produce dust. Ideal for packaging delicate items like optical lenses, electronics, and finished surfaces.

Vibration Dampening: absorbs and reduces vibrations. Used in electronics packaging to protect from transport vibrations, and in industrial applications where machinery or equipment might generate vibrations.

Resistance to Mold and Mildew: LDPE foam doesn’t support the growth of mold and mildew. Suitable for outdoor furniture cushions, marine applications, and storage solutions in humid areas.

Odorless: LDPE foam doesn’t emit a strong or pungent odor. Appropriate for packaging food items and other products where an odor could be detrimental.

Excellent Buoyancy: LDPE foam can float and doesn’t easily absorb water. Perfect for life vests, pool toys, and flotation devices.

Thermal Insulation: LDPE foam provides a barrier against temperature changes. Used in pipe insulation, cold storage packaging, and thermal bags.

Flexible and Easy to Work With: It’s pliable and can be shaped or cut easily. Custom packaging solutions, arts and crafts, and in design models where malleability is essential.

Variety of Color Options: Another nice feature of LDPE is the wide array of colors available. Need a custom color? Just ask! We can accommodate almost any color selections; perfect for aesthetic applications such as product branding, toys, and decorative packaging.

Density Range: We know your application is unique. We have a broad spectrum of densities to meet your requirements from sub-1lb per cubic foot (pcf) up to 10lb pcf.

Dimensions: Whether you need a specific shape or size, we can accommodate profiles up to 28 square inches in cross-sectional area, offering a myriad of design and functional possibilities.